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Nova Dock Leveler Installation

🔨✨ Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with a New Dock Leveler!

Understanding the importance of seamless operations, we swiftly stepped in and installed a brand

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OHD Rolling Steel Install

Our client was struggling with an old, worn-out steel rolling door that couldn’t operate smoothly with their existing opener due to its age and

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Garage Door Section Repair

If you work in a warehouse, you’ve definitely seen this before!

At TC Garage Door, our expert technicians specialize in repairing damaged garage

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Look at this HUGE Commercial Garage Door

Look at this monster we had to work on! 💪 This is a 32-foot garage door meant to have 3 Semi Trucks able to back in at once! As you can see there are 6 springs on this door, and it's so wide there have to be 2 trolleys because one is not enough to get this door up correctly! Contact us today by filling out a form at or call us at (847) 882-5662