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Nova Dock Leveler Installation

🔨✨ Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with a New Dock Leveler!

Understanding the importance of seamless operations, we swiftly stepped in and installed a brand

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OHD Rolling Steel Install

Our client was struggling with an old, worn-out steel rolling door that couldn’t operate smoothly with their existing opener due to its age and

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Garage Door Section Repair

If you work in a warehouse, you’ve definitely seen this before!

At TC Garage Door, our expert technicians specialize in repairing damaged garage

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18×8 Garage Door Installation

Look what we have here! The boss teaching how to install a High lift door on an awesome 18x8 in Chicago, IL. We had to add high lift to the door, because there are two car lifts in this garage, and wanted to be able to fit 4 cars! Of course, TC Garage Door made it happen, and we were able to utilize all the garage space, as well as add a wall mount operator for smooth operation! visit or call us at (847) 882-5662 for all your Residential garage door needs!