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How To Maintain Your Garage Door

Your Garage Door is one of the largest moving parts of your entire house! Maintaining and taking care of a garage door care be the difference in how long it will last for you. Here is what you need to know to make sure that your garage door is working properly for you!

Check the Garage Door Balance​

Over time with everyday use, Your garage door springs can lose tension, or not be as strong as they once were which can be causing extra wear on your operator.

First, you want to disconnect the garage door from the Operator (If you have one) By pulling on the string by the arm that connects the operator to the door. Now that the Door is disconnected, You should be able manually to lift the garage door. To check if the door is properly balanced, you want to move the garage door up halfway and see if the door stays by itself. If it does not balance, Your garage door’s counterbalance system is off (springs)! We recommend leaving adjusting spring tension up to garage door professionals.

Inspect Rollers and Hinges

One of the most common issues with a garage door is having worn-out Garage Door rollers or hinges. They are also some of the easiest parts of a garage door to lubricate or replace.

Garage Door Rollers are rated to last around 10,000 Cycles and should be checked once or twice a year.

Garage Door Hinges are required to be replaced once they start to look bent. One bent Hinge can cause the whole door to squeak or even get stuck!

Tighten Garage Door Hinges

Over time your garage door moves from left to right causing wear and tear on the door. When you check your garage door, check for any loose Nuts or Bolts on the Garage Door Hinges. Tightening the Garage door hinges will increase the longevity not only in the hinge but the rollers as well.


Lubrication is a key component of keeping your garage door running smoothly. We recommend using a garage door-specific lubricant that you can pick up from your local hardware store. You should be lubricating your garage door at least once a year.

How To -

First – You want to start with lubricating the garage door rollers (the part where the shaft and the circle meet) to improve the smoothness of the rollers
Second – You want to lubricate 2 Parts of the Hinge, The opening on the left sleeve and the opening on the right sleeve which the roller goes through, To reduce friction between the garage door hinge and the roller
Third – Lubricating the Loop on the Bottom of the Cables (Without Touching) to increase the longevity of the garage door cables
Forth – Lubricate the Horns of the Track (Where the Track Turns) to reduce friction as the garage door goes up

Test your Auto-Reversing Features

The garage door openers have built-in safety features including the Auto-Reversing Features to prevent injury. This should be checked once a year to see if they are working properly.

To check the Reversing Feature on the Garage Door, start by placing a roll of paper towels on the ground underneath the door. You should then be able to close the door on top of the paper towel roll and when it hits the roll of paper towels, the door should automatically go back into the up position. IF the garage door Deforms the paper towels, the opener is applying too much force before reversing and you should contact a professional for further assistance.

Garage Door Openers now require your garage door to have Safety Sensors (Photo eyes). To check if your Safety Sensors are working, when you close the door you can cause any type of movement in the line of them underneath the door and the door should start to reverse. If they do not reverse once tripping the Safety sensor, You should contact a professional for further assistance

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