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How To Know If Your Garage Door Spring is Broke

Garage doors are a valuable feature of your home that offers many benefits. It protects your garage and all of your belongings. It adds curb to your home and increases its aesthetic value. It also serves as an entry point into your home. Your garage door is used just like any other home feature. It is used a lot when you go to work, or when you have to store something in the garage. Garage door springs can be damaged by daily wear and tear. It is vital that you take care of broken garage door springs because they are what pick up and close your garage door. Once your garage door spring breaks, We recommend you call a professional for a garage door spring repair and/or replacement. These are the common signs of a broken spring

Garage Door Cables Are Loose

Many homeowners mistakenly believe their garage door cables have failed. In reality, it can be the torsion springs that are failing. If the cables are loose or slack then the spring is not working properly. The tension of the torsion springs is tightly wound to ensure that the cables stay in place. The cables can slip out of place when the spring gives way.

The Garage Door Is Too Heavy To Lift

Are you finding that your garage is heavier than normal? You are finding it difficult to open the garage door. It is possible that the garage door springs are broken. This spring is responsible for supporting the door’s overall weight. When this spring breaks, your garage door will become “dead weight”.

Visible Gap in the Spring

Your garage door torsion spring consists of one or two springs that are tightly wound over the door. They tend to unwind when they break. When this happens, you can expect a visible gap. You should contact a professional garage door spring repair company if you find a gap between the torsion spring on your garage door. This task is not something you should attempt on your own. You could make the matter worse. You should immediately seek professional assistance.

Loud Bang from your Garage Door

You can expect loud noises from your garage if one of the torsion springs fails. It can be quite alarming to some, while others say it sounds like someone trying to get into their home. It is a good idea to call a garage door repair technician immediately if you hear a loud bang from your garage. This is especially true if the door cannot be opened. In these cases, a garage door spring replacement may be necessary.

Garage Door Cable is Broke

This is different then Garage door cables being loose around the drum. These cables are not loose but actually broken. You will know if your garage door cables are experiencing problems as the cables can come loose from the door. They could fall to the ground, or be disconnected from your garage doors. Although cables rarely break, it is possible for them to get caught between the jamb and the door. It is best to keep your garage door in good condition so that it can function properly. This is why we recommend you get a regular check-up on your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Cant lift Door

Remember that the garage door’s weight is supported by the torsion spring. It will not allow the door to open fully if it is damaged or malfunctioning. It can still potentially be opened by the opener but it is usually only about six inches. However, there are other instances when the safety system may be activated instead of the garage door springs being broken. To determine the exact cause of the problem, it is necessary to inspect the garage door springs when the door is closed or check the sensors.

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