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Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment, and especially Dock Levelers serve a crucial part for efficient loading dock operations by bridging the gap between the dock and the trailer.  Improper or faulty equipment can cause:

  •    A decrease in production and efficiency
  •    Lost revenue
  •    Safety risk to your employees

Our full line of Dock equipment & Dock Levelers will insure you receive the ultimate in strength, convenience, day-to-day reliability and safety.  In addition, we service and maintain all brands of loading dock equipment.



Flex lip Series

FLEX-LIP® Series Brochure

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Hydraulic Dock Levelers

BARRIER™ Series Brochure


Vertical Storing Hydraulic Docklevelers

COLDSTORAGE™ Series Brochure

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Air Power Dock Levelers

AIRDOCK™ Series Brochure

Nordock Constructor CM Dock Leveler

Mechanical Dock Levelers

INDUSTRIAL™ Series Brochure


Edge-Mount Lever

LEVER™ Series Brochure